Been a Minute

Hi everyone! Long time no talk! Things have been crazy in the life of Brooke Ottaway recently and in the process the blog has taken a little bit of a siesta. In the past month I have completed another semester of college, got my first stamp in my passport, and have been slightly taken out by a car ( update mom I am fine, it was just my elbow and nothing broke!!!!) 

This summer I am studying in Florence, Italy and I couldn't be happier to be here. Currently, I am on a train to the Almafi Coast for the weekend with a group of friends, while also trying to make friends with some old Italian men sitting across from me on the train who speak no English ( not going well.. might invest a language class while abroad... Updates to come) I have only been here a week and it feels as if it has been forever, but definitely not complaining! In the past week I have.... almost burnt down my apartment ( word to any dumb traveler like myself... DO NOT TRY TO USE AMERICAN HAIR TOOLS ABROAD! YOU MAY ENCOUTER A SMALL FIRE INSIDE YOUR HAIR DRYER AND MIGHT STRAIGHTEN A SMALL CHUNK OF YOUR HAIR OFF), have been hit by a car, proved to myself that anything is truly possible as I struggled to carry my 55 pound plus suitcase up 8 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS ON A STRAIGHT VERTICAL INCLINE and then somehow was able to then go get my other suitcase and carry it back up the stairs, successfully trained myself to say grazie to any question or phrase when it is truly inapplicable, learned to love a shower that doesn't really get hot, but all jokes aside, most importantly have loved every single moment of my time here. I have had so many "firsts" within just the past week, that I am unbelievably excited for what the next 5 weeks will hold. Florence is truly an amazing city and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to be able to study here. 

The break is over and I plan to keep up with blog during the course of my time here, so stay tuned in the coming weeks for updates of my Florence experience!  

Below is a few of my pictures from the past week.. Enjoy! The rest are in the feed section!   

Until next time XOXO


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