Restaurant Review: La Mènagere

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! So basically I have been wandering around Florence for about a month now and have found SO many amazing places. Not kidding, I literally walk about 500 steps on any street in Florence, and find the coolest hole in the places that are AMAZE! With all that being said, I thought why not do a review on my absolute favorite cafe in Florence! Enjoy:) 

Until next time 



This place has definitely been a go to for me recently. I have been legit eating my way around Florence for about a month now, so when I am craving a health kick, this is my go to! They have the best avocado toast, caesar salads, juices, smoothies, coffee, pretty much name it, they have it! It is a little off the beaten track, which rocks crowds wise because it is unbelievably hot out, and the extra people make even more unbearably hot. 



Also, this place is huge! It has 3 areas to eat and a flower shop inside, which makes it smell so good! They also have a home section if you are on the hunt for a fun gift! Anyway, if you are planning on coming to Florence soon or are planning a bucket list, put this place on it! You wont regret it!