the sitch of the week

Well happy Sunday! Hope everyone's week went well and are staying cool (trying to)! This past week was filled with lots of new restaurants, and lots of cool new places! Here are some pictures from the week! 

Till next time, 


These pictures above are taken at the Cinque Terre in the towns of Monterosso and Manarola. 

Three of my favorite meals from the week! The first two pictures are from cafe MUSTS in Florence and then the last is from a little pizza shop I found on the way back to the train station in Venice! (Cafe's :Cafe Ditta Artiginanale, and La Menagere)

Venice is a must for anyone visiting Italy! A little crowded in the summer months, but it still amazing even with the masses! If you do go to visit Venice, the Gritti Palace is a great place for lunch or even a little afternoon tea (the second picture)! 

The rest are a just of my favorite moments from the week!!! 1) THE katie trying to sniff out the secret bakery and clearly, climbing buildings was no obstacle. There are secret bakeries scattered all over Florence but they remain a secret until you sniff it out! So if ever in Florence after a night out ...  good luck and happy sniffing! 2) Just a little Erin enjoying the best pizza ever from Gusta Pizza! The best plan for Gusta Pizza is to get it and bring it to enjoy looking over the Arno! 3) The last 3 are from a tour of the Villa Torrigiani. This villa is absolutely gorgeous and such a peaceful setting. Not too far from the town of Lucca if you are visiting.