Well happy May 1st and happy almost Cinco de Mayo! As the end of one month comes to a close, the fresh start to a new month approaches. One of my favorite things about starting a new month is the opportunity to set new goals for the month. I have an obsession with lists and especially to do lists, and so the start of a new month is another opportunity to make a new list which rox. 

I have made a list of all things that I am looking forward to in May and some of my goals for the month. 

Mondays only suck if you let them! Hope it was a good one :) 


Quote to Focus On: Wherever you are, be all there - Jim Elliot .                                                                           I think this is one of my favorites because often times when I am hanging out with friends or even at dinner, I find myself looking at my phone and simply not being present in general! So the goal for this month is to be in present in everything! 

Goal 1) : Drink more water                                                                                                                                           I think this is a big one because I find when I drink close to 2.5 liters or more, I feel more refreshed, not as hungry, and have more energy. Maybe this is because I am not eating as many foods that weigh me down and make me feel tired, but whatever it is, it's the best!                                                                                   Here is one of my favorite things to drink water out of and making sure I am drinking enough

Goal 2) : SAVE MONEY                                                                                                                                              I am going to Italy this summer and am going to need to every penny I can get! So with that being said I need save where I can, and also be smart on the things that I do need ... AKA maybe a few less trips for coffee:) 

Goal 3) : Power of Positivity                                                                                                                                      I love this goal because it really makes you think about your perspective on life. This is something that I try to focus on a pretty consistent basis because honestly instead of being stressed, I try to channel the happy and positive vibes, and I find that this really calms me down and helps me to re-focus. Life isn't happening to you, but for you, so why not make the most of every moment!                                                                                                                  One of my favorite journals to always bring the happy vibes full circle and also one of my favorite blogs to help focus on these vibes