April 17 2017 

I got this idea from one of my favorite bloggers Amy Stone to do a recap of everything that I did over the weekend and things I am currently loving at the moment! 



Johns Island: Vero Beach, Florida 

Johns Island: Vero Beach, Florida 

DINING: This weekend I was loving all things bread! A long 40 days without bread lead to all things gluten. Lots of pizza, lots of pasta, lots of avo toast, and many helpings of the bread basket! But while I LOVE bread I am huge sucker for a good acai bowl and have been wanting to try this Pink Aloha smoothie recipe from the always amazing EarthyAndy!  

WEARING: My go-to shoes recently have been these ! They are the best to walk around in on the weekends and go with anything! My go to look with them at the moment has been jean shorts and a large white button down. The best mix of comfy and chic!  

VACATIONING: This past weekend I surprised my parents for my moms birthday in Vero Beach. Somehow the beach always brings out the best in everyone! (Pictured above

PLANNING: Currently making a long wish list of all the places I want to visit and foods I want to eat in Florence this summer! Lusting over these pictures of Positano here and here  . 

LUSTING: Trying to channel all of these amazing vibes from Amber and Andrea's trip to Mentawais, Indonesia. Pictured here and here. I think I know whats next on my bucket list! 

Happy Monday! Here's to making Tuesday great!